Flex circuit

Integrating overmolding into flex circuit assemblies can provide protection and enhance product durability.

  • Improved product protection
  • Fully customizable
  • Mounting features

LED and LCD light act as a visual aid to see products and signal that the product is idle, active, or other features based on the illumination pattern.

  • Visual aid
  • Capped or overmolded
  • Improved functionality
PCB connector integration

Integrate connectors and PCB’s with the aesthetic and protective benefits of overmolding, allowing for proper protection of technology.

  • Fully customizable
  • Enhanced protection
  • Improved product life
PCB headers

Custom design and tooling available to overmold various header applications, allowing for proper protection.

  • Fully customizable
  • Enhanced protection
  • Superior aesthetics

PCB and PCBA’s can be addressed either with caps or direct overmolded solutions which will provide many benefits to the product.

  • Extended life
  • Capped or overmolded
  • Ruggedized
Smart cable

Taking all the benefits of a molded cable assembly and adding the technology of a PCB into a harmonized solution.

  • Direct overmolded
  • Full encapsulation
  • Improved durability

Transitions are a functional element of multi-legged assemblies as they allow cable exits to be oriented in any direction, identify legs, add unparalleled protection, and can be customized.

  • Better protection than boots
  • More cost-effective than boot
  • Better aesthetics


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