why listening to the same playlist everyday can ruin your mood

Young man listening music on headphones with his eyes closed.

Why the motivational musicĀ  ain’t affecting me again

motivational music

So you went to and took your Ipod with you which has the same playlist you have been listening to throughout the week but suddenly you found that the is only making you feel less energetic! What’s going on here?

In my previous articles about music psychology i explained how only the music that resonates with your feelings/beliefs can inspire and motivate you. This is one of main reasons why people have different musical tastes.

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If the songs you listen to reflect what’s going on inside your mind then you will certainly find them motivating. Based on this fact the playlist you choose yourself will always reflect your and so it should always motivate you right?

Now that’s not correct because your beliefs change from a day to another and so does your mood and this is why what worked for you yesterday might bring negative results today!

why listening to the same playlist while exercising everyday is a real bad idea

Lets suppose one morning you believed you are doing really well in life and that most of the you are facing are currently under control. Now the type of songs that give the feelings of happiness and success will certainly motivate you a great deal since they will remind you of your happy life.

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Now what if the next morning a serious problem happened with your and you had a fight with your manager. In such a case the same songs will sound ridiculous to your subconscious mind and they might even have the opposite effect on your mood.

This is exactly like being told that life is awesome and that everything is great on a day where you are feeling depressed. In such a case angry music will be a better choice for you since it will reflect your state of mind and empower you.

But i listen to music without vocals

motivational music

The same thing goes for music. After all your mind always gives a meaning to the music you listen to. Each track that you listen to will put your mind into a certain state according to the meaning your mind gave to that track. For example one track can remind you of victory , another one can remind you of happiness and so on.

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Now when you listen to a track that puts you in a mood that doesn’t match your current mood/beliefs then either it wont work or it will make you feel bad.

So what’s the solution?

The solution is be your own DJ.
Make sure that you don’t passively listen to the same list over and over but instead skip the songs that don’t reflect your current state of mind and listen more to the ones that resonate with what’s going on inside your brain on that given day.

By doing so you will be able to get the mood lift you need no matter how your feelings or beliefs are on that certain day.