Assign or remove someone role of a Facebook page

Assign or remove someone role of a Facebook page

Assign or remove someone role of a page
Page admin can do six 6 different cool things to roles a page by other . Creator of the page or who create a page directly become the administrator of that page. Admin of a can assign different roles to the people. Admin of a Facebook Page can do another cool thing to the page like changing the look or publishing the posts as the Page.

This guide is about how you can easily assign roles to different people on Facebook or . Let’s explore below the procedure.

How to assign someone role of Facebook page

  1. Open up or login into in a web browser such as Chrome or Firefox.
  2. Click the drop-down down key where all settings are available.
  3. Choose your page or click on one of your page (If more).
  4. There at the top of the page just click the Settings options.
  5. At left click Page Roles, have look the below reference image as well.
  6. There at the blank box just type any name to whom you wanna assign some page duty or a role.
  7. And finally, click on the Editor (With a drop-down) arrow a select one duty or role for him/her.
  8. Just one last thing to click on Save. That’s it.
Assign or remove someone role of a Facebook page 2
Congrates, you have successfully assigned a role to a person or Facebook friend. If you are not pleased with a person performance, then you can just remove the person with the following guide.

Remove someone’s role with a Facebook Page

  1. Follow step 1 to 5 as like the above.
  2. Simple click x in next to any person you wanna remove from a role on your Facebook Page.
  3. Finally, select the Save option. That’s it you are ready to go.
You can add or remove anyone anytime you want and only add someone else to that roles. It’s unlimited. Comment for more any problem on Facebook or Messenger.
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