How do I automatically delete spam comments in WordPress?

How can one automatically delete spam comments in WordPress hosted blog was the same question running through my mind when I opened my WordPress admin dashboard to see an overwhelming number of spam comments.
So how did I set my blog to automatically delete spam comments, lets get started.

Automatically delete spam comments In WordPress

I found the following solutions to delete all spam comments automatically without wasting any time;

Spam Comments Cleaner – WordPress Plugin

Spam comments cleaner is a WordPress plugin that helps you delete your spam comments free of charge. No premium services attached.
And if you do not delete these spam comments then your database size will get heavier day after day. So to have database size lighter, you have to remove the unnecessary …
Head over to install and activate Spam Comment cleaner.

Features of Spam Comment Cleaner

  1. No more need to go to the comments list and delete SPAM comments manually.
  2. Delete spam comment now.
  3. Delete spam comment can be schedule to hourly.
  4. Delete spam comment can be schedule to daily.
  5. Delete spam comment can be schedule to twice in a day.
  6. Delete spam comment can be schedule to weekly.
  7. Delete spam comment can be schedule to monthly.
  8. Delete spam comment can be schedule to twice in a month.
  9. Delete spam comment can be schedule to user(admin) defined time.
  10. Secure and light weighted plugin.
Click here to start using Spam Comments Cleaner
automatically delete spam comment

Auto-Delete spam |WordPress Auto Delete Plugin

Similarly, one can use the Auto Delete spam plugin to delete spam comments automagically.
“You can also enable the option in the plugin settings to autodelete comments from SPAM folder.” I guess that option is “”Automatically delete spam comments YES/NO” – Delete spam comments older than 15 days”.
Click here to start using this plugin – Auto Delete Spam

How to delete Spam Comments Manually without a plugin

If you don’t like using plugins or akismet to control your spam comments and you still want spam comments automatically deleted, this is where to go.

Open functions.php file in your theme editor (Appearance > Editor) and paste the codes on AgentWp


How to Quickly Batch Delete Spam Comments in WordPress

To quickly batch delete all spam comments from your WordPress blog, you will need the batch delete plugins.

Please note that this plugin have not been updated for more than 2 years now.


How to Change Akismet’s Delete Spam Schedule in WordPress

Changing Spam Comment Delete Schedule in WordPress with Akismet

Akismet automatically deletes all spam comments after 15 days in your database. This is to give you an enough room to screen out comments manually.

If you Akismet marks a genuine comment as spam, then you can mark it as not spam. This is how Akismet learns and improves how it catches spam comments efficiently.


You can change the number of days Akismet should keep spam comments in your database. Simply add this code to your theme’s functions.php file or in a site-specific plugin.

1 add_filter( 'akismet_delete_comment_interval', 'custom_spam_delete_interval' );
3 function custom_spam_delete_interval() {
4     return 7;
5 }

Now, change 7 to any number of days of your choice to keep a comment. This particular filter simply modifies Akismet’s spam deletion schedule.

Note that changing the number to 0, will delete all comments on its next comment delete schedule. This option will not give you much time to review spam comments. I hope this post was helpful enough to show you how to automatically delete spam comment in WordPress.  If you like it, share it!


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