Block Messages on Facebook from a Friend

Block Messages on Facebook from a Friend

block Messages on Facebook from a user
Learn how to block messages from a friend on Facebook. how to stop receiving messages on Facebook from a particular user. There is a simple way to configure such filters in Facebook. Basically is Facebook is Great in Terms of Privacy. It’s taking of our privacy by providing such settings.

The Blocking features of FB are not just limited to Block, a user completely. Besides you can just block that person in messages blocking filters to stop gettings texts messages from that person.

Let’s explore below how to prevent a user not to get texts from that user. Don’t worry it will take just two minutes with below steps.

How do I block Messages on Facebook from a user?

Step #1: Login to your Facebook Account.

Step #2: Hit the Drop Down arrow and select Settings from the Menu.

Choose settings
Choose settings

Step #3: Navigate to Blocking on the left sidebar, click on that.

Choose blocking
Choose blocking

Step #4: Scroll down a bit unless you see the “Block Messages” tab.

Step #5: Now simply start typing the Username or Email address to stop gettings texts from.

Start blocking
Start blocking

Important Notes before blocking a user Messages:

#1: That user will not be able to contact even on Messenger, neither on FB web.
#2: The Person won’t be able to Call you as well texts.
#3: You won’t see that person in Chat in the Active list. (Messenger, FB both).
#4: You will get notified if that user sends the message to a group. (If both of you in the same Group).
#5: Both of your in the same Group will able to see each other chat.

Keep the above notes in mind before getting into these filters. Another important thing is if you are going to get rid of that person and just wanna block text from him. Then it’s better to leave a Group as well, (Group conversation).

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