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Deactivate Account

if you are a person who is used to the internet, or someone rather who spends a lot of productive time on the internet. Then you already know that social media platforms like Facebook is a fun place to be. So why deactivate Facebook account? With Facebook, one is never bored as there are lots of interesting and cool things to do. It is quite unfortunate that as most users are finding Facebook interesting, other users are not.

With time, some Facebook users might want to take a break from the platform. Some users rather get tired or bored with the platform. Which is quite unusual. When faced with a situation like this, the best action to take here is to either deactivate your or delete your Facebook account.

Deactivate Facebook Account

Deactivation of Facebook account is a Facebook feature which most users of the Facebook community has frequently mistaken for . When a Facebook user deactivates his or her Facebook account. It means that his or Facebook account is temporarily unavailable pending when you would love to have it back.

Deactivating your Facebook account will preserve your . Pending when you regain access to your account. Deactivation of Facebook account is more preferable to deletion of a Facebook account. This is because with deactivation of Facebook account. You can regain access to your information and everything about your account on Facebook. While with deletion all information about your Facebook account is lost. Most information on Facebook sometimes hold much value, so therefore the deactivate Facebook account feature is more ideal.

The deactivate Facebook account feature is only available to registered Facebook users. To make use of this feature and you are not yet a registered Facebook user; create a account today for free at the official Facebook website.

How To Deactivate Facebook Account 

When you deactivate your Facebook account. Facebook automatically saves all your data on the platform. Just in case you decide to reactivate your account. Just in case you are experiencing hack then the deactivate Facebook feature is just what you need for the time being just before things are sorted out. To temporarily deactivate your Facebook account, follow the tips below;

  1. Click on the arrow facing down at the top of your .
  2. Select settings from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click on general and then on manage your account.
  4. Select deactivate your account. And then follow the on-screen instructions to successfully deactivate your account.

It takes a total of 14 days to completely deactivate your account. Even though your Facebook account has been deactivated. You can still chat with if you are on . If you feel it’s time to reactivate your account after deactivating it. You can reactivate your account by logging back into your account from any device.

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