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Facebook.com Login: This post is for issues concerning Facebook.com login and how you can go to your Facebook account and Facebook Login. So if you’ve been having any problems with your Facebook login, just read up.Facebook.com Login – Facebook login page | Facebook homepage

Facebook.com login is a security action carried out on a Facebook account by the owner of that account. This Facebook login is done to prevent hackers and scammers from accessing your account or using it for fraud. When you carry out the Facebook.com Login, it gives the Facebook user access to the Facebook account to make use of the Facebook services.

Here is a guide on Facebook login Below we offer guides on how you can log in to your Facebook account. And also how you can stay permanently logged in to share photos, videos, events, connect and even sell right out of your Facebook page with your friends and fam

Facebook.com Login | How to Facebook Login with a Computer

Here is a guide on Facebook login, and how you can carry out the Facebook.com login using a computer and stay connected to your friend and family around the world:

  • Launch your Facebook page using your web browser to move to the Facebook homepage. But if you are not already logged in to your Facebook page, you will find a welcome screen.
  • Then type in your email address just in the upper right corner of the Facebook homepage. Be sure to enter the email address you used when creating your Facebook account.
  • Using a phone number for Facebook.com login is also possible. All you will have to do is enter the phone number associated with the Facebook account you want to access, and the password of the Facebook account too.
  • You can also click “I forgot my password” if you cant remember your password, and follow the password recovery process.
  • There is also an option which applies if to keep you logged in. All you have to do is click on the box, and you get to bypass any future Facebook login process. Only do this if the computer is used by only you.
  • Once you’re done with filling all the details required for the Facebook.com login, then click on “Log in” and be taken directly to your Facebook newsfeed.

Facebook.com Login | How to Facebook Login with a Mobile Device

Facebook Login using a mobile device is not tasking, and the steps are also easy and forward. follow the steps below for Facebook.com login using a mobile device:

  • For a Facebook login with a mobile device, you’ll need to start first by downloading a Facebook app.
  • You can download the Facebook app using your tablet or smartphones from the app stores. Facebook app aids Facebook login without the use of your web browser.

N/B: You can also use your mobile phone browser to visit your Facebook page if you don’t want to download a Facebook App. You can do that by entering www.facebook.com on your browser.

  • Just search for the Facebook App on your phone home screen and click to open it.
  • Fill in your email address and password which will be required of you, the first time you open the app. Fill in the email address you used in creating your Facebook account. If your password has been forgotten, tap the link below the sign in boxes and follow the instructions to have it reset.

You will get automatically logged in the next time the app is opened. If you don’t want to stay logged in, you will be required to sign out of the app from the menu.

  • Click on “Sign In”, when you are done, and you’ll be logged into your Facebook account.

Once you have completed all these steps, you will automatically be logged in to your Facebook page, where your opportunity of meeting and sharing ideas with family, friends, and people all around the globe is endless. I guess after now Facebook Login will never be a problem.

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