More Facebook friends equals more stress, more jealousy and less work

Are you feeling stressed? Are you jealous? or having trouble sleeping? Can’t focus at work?… All these could be the possible reasons for adding too many friends on Facebook.

According to a survey, researches have found that the more number of friends you have the greater chances to cause an offense. Hence you are more likely to get stressed up. The study reveals that  “stress arises when a user presents a version of himself on Facebook that is unacceptable to some of their online ‘friends,’ such as posts displaying behavior such as swearing, recklessness, drinking and smoking, etc.”

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Also when elderly people join the site, the problem increases as the expectation may be different from the younger ones.
The highest source of stress comes when you add relatives, parents and employers as friends. But of course they are privacy settings that can help you manage what group of friends can see a particular post. But according to the survey, very few people use those Facebook privacy settings.

New research has also indicated that the more number of friends you make on Facebook, the more you become jealous and sad. When you look at happy photos of others on Facebook, it gives you an impression that others are always happy and having good lives. It makes you sad when you see the happy pictures of your friends posted online — these pictures makes you feel that “life is unfair” to you but fair to your friends who you think have a better life more than you do.

But most at times, Facebook users are unaware of the fact that many of their friends also have their ups and downs, but they choose to go on with their fake smiling pictures on Facebook which in turn makes other users to start thinking that “life is fairer to them”.

Recent study have also revealed that people who make more number of friends on Facebook are likely to spend more time on updating status, liking pictures and post of their friends, and chatting with many friends at once, leading them to lose focus and concentration at work which results in decrease in their productivity.

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Final Thoughts

Do not be misled by fake Facebook friends who pose as if everything is going too well with them – – always remember that when it rains, it rains on all roofs. The economic crisis is affecting everyone but your friends choose a different approach and response to the situation. Learn how to use Facebook privacy settings plus turn off Facebook notifications of friends with fake lifestyles.

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