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Facebook Messenger ; a unique platform!!!

Facebook messenger is most times often referred to as  Messenger. It is a messaging app and platform set up to enhance facebook functions and make facebook very desirable.

Facebook messenger was initially developed as Facebook Chat in the year 2008, later on, the company revised and improved its messaging service in 2010, and subsequently released standalone iOS and Android apps in August 2011.

The unique idea behind the development of this App is to separate the messaging functionality from the main Facebook app, and this requires users to download and start up the use of the App.

With the Messenger app, you can send messages and photos, videos, stickers, audio, and files. The service also supports/allow voice and video calls.

 Fascinating Features Of Facebook Messenger

*SUPPORTS VIDEO AND AUDIO CALLS: Facebook Messenger allows video and audio calls, from both the mobile app and the desktop website.

-The phone icon is for audio calls
*The camera icon goes for video calls

SENDING MONEY: Facebook Messenger also functions as a simple and very good way to send money to by using just your debit card info.  This action can be done from both the website and the mobile app.
how it works
**Use the Send Money button from a computer, or the Payments button in the app, to send or request money.

**A text with price in it can also be sent, then click the price to open the prompt in it to pay or ask for money.

*( It supports voice calls also)

Facebook Messenger App Download On Your Android Phone

  • Visit the Play Store app on your Android device.
  • Type ‘Messenger’ in the search box, the a list of apps will come up
  • Find the app developed by ‘Facebook Inc’ – which should be at or near the top of the list –and select it. Alternatively, to go directly to Messenger on Play Store click on this link.
  • Tap the ‘Install’ button. If you’re happy with these, tap ‘Accept.’ Depending on your security and privacy settings, you may be asked to provide your password before your device lets you download the app.
  • When you have it downloaded on your device, tap the ‘Open’ button on the Messenger Google Store page.
  • Login using your , or if you don’t have one tap on the ‘Not on Facebook?’ button on the login screen. Follow the steps on how to sign in using your phone number or email.

How To Switch Facebook Account On Facebook Messenger

  • Tap on your profile on the right top side of your screen
  • When it opens, scroll down and click on switch account
  • Type the account you want to login
  • Enter your password and click Ok.

 Steps On How To Invite People To Facebook Messenger

To open the messenger app on your mobile device. If you are not signed in to messenger
*Enter your mobile number
*Tap continue
*Enter your password

  • Tap people at the bottom left corner of the screen
  • Click on invite
  • Tap on any friend you wish to invite
  • Click on invite next to the contact you want to invite.
  Pros Of Facebook Messenger

*It improves chatting speed; users can send and receive messages more quickly compared to using a normal mobile browser

*It enhances linkage of files with ease.

*The app allows users to speak with one another through video calls

* It’s like texting but with a lower cost.

 Cons Of Facebook Messenger

*It quickly lows the battery of your device

*It occupies large storage on your mobile device

*It is complicated to protect your privacy.

 Dear Facebook user goes ahead and get messenger on your device and experience its superb features.

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