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Your Facebook name is a show of identification attached to your profile while opening a Facebook account. Haven taken cognizant of the fact that Facebook is a public social networking platform, creation of such names should be done when you’ve taken a good thought and found what suits you.

        How To Change Facebook Name

Login to your Facebook account

  • Click on the ‘more option’
  • A wide range of options appears, scroll down and Tap Account settings
  • Click on General
  • Click on Name
  • Make changes to the box provided for it
  • Review changes
  • Preview your New name and decide how you want it to appear (As in VICTORY JOHN or JOHN VICTORY)
  • Enter your password to save settings
  • Save changes.

            Why You Can’t Change Your Facebook Name

There are certain things that may restrict you from changing your Facebook name, note them:

  • You may have changed your name in less than 60days.
  • Failure to follow Facebook name policy
  • You were previously asked to confirm your name on Facebook
  • changing your name more often and frequently

Facebook Name Policies

The following are Facebook standards you should adhere strictly to as regards choosing a name for your Facebook profile:

  • The use of offensive words are not allowed
  • Application of numbers, symbols, unusual capitalization, punctuation and character repetition is out of place
  • The use of joint-words in place of a name is prohibited
  • Characters from multiple languages should not be used
  • Do not attach Titles of any kind to your name.

                        How To Add Another Name To Your Facebook Profile

Other names you can add to your includes Nickname, professional name, and even maiden name. Learn how to perform the task and note that It is very easy to carry out.

  • Go to account settings
  • Click on General
  • Click on your name to view your Facebook profile
  • On the left-side panel look for Details About You
  • Click on other names
  • Select the Name Type you want and enter your other name.
  • Check the box marked ‘Show at top of profile’ click on it to make your other name appear next to your full name at the top of your profile.
  • Click Save.

Have you been feeling you would never be able to change your Facebook name with time?

That’s totally out of place because following up the steps given to you and strictly adhering to Facebook name policies, you can do that conveniently.

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