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Facebook toolkit it is a platform which offers its users the ability to download and upload on facebook. With this toolkit platform, you can invite to like your page. This platform that Facebook offers can help you to unlike all facebook pages at once. Unlike the normal Facebook, you know whereby you will begin to unlike all the pages one by one. With this feature, you can also unfriend all friends at the same time. Facebook toolkit has an event invitation tool. It allows you to send multiple at the same time. With this tool at your disposal, you can become the admin of any facebook public group that has no admin. This tool also allows the transfer of your to your friends. This tool allows you to extract group email, friends email, extract friends id, groups id etc.

Install Facebook Toolkit

Why you Need Facebook Toolkit for your Facebook Account?

Although this Facebook toolkit (extension) is not endorsed or created by Facebook. It is a collection of facebook automation tools to help save time while using Facebook. With this facebook toolkit, it is almost as if you have the whole of Facebook at your fingertips. Just imagine you using Facebook toolkit to become the admin of facebook pages and groups. For now, these features are only accessible to a laptop and other devices related to laptop. And if you are using one of this devices and you want to install the Facebook toolkit you must first have to run chrome installation package on your device. In other words, you need to have Google Chrome installed on your device first. If you want to toolkit, all you need to do is follow the steps below.

Step on how to Install Facebook Toolkit

  • Charge your laptop or other related device and boot it. After booting the device make sure you have an active connection and an active data plan. If you have an active data plan and an active data connection then you are good to go
  • Locate your device Google chrome and click on it. On the search bar of your chrome input web store and wait for the page to load. On the web store search bar input facebook social toolkit and search extension.
  • After the page has loaded you should now see a list of extension. Locate the one that says Facebook social toolkit and click on add to chrome. Click on add extension and ok.
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