Google Now – How to Set Up and Use Google Now

Google Now is a feature joined together with the Google search function that provides cards with daily information and updates in the Google app supported by IOS and Android devices. This feature presently gives out information to the public to predict the information they may need.

Google Now - How to Set Up and Use Google Now

This feature was available on Android operating devices, which was launched in July 2012, and the Galaxy Nexus device was the first smartphone to support the feature. The feature became available for use on the IOS device in April 2013.

The Now feature was put into effect as part of the Google search function. It collects and records every action users performs on their devices, and later displays the information that the user may find relevant and useful in their schedules and appointments, daily activities, planning a travel and so much more. This information is collected in order to provide more relevant information to the user in form of “Cards”.

How Google Now Works

The process is absolutely simple and easy! If you allow this feature to learn and record everything about you and your online habits. Then it will give back to you the more important information you might be in need of. Entertainment, news, sports, live scores, website information, weather, and others are served up big time on the previous searches you have made. This information given back to you are displayed in form of cards, which you can click on and get more details or just swipe out to ignore. When this works, it gives you exactly what you need even before you ask for it.

How to Set Up and Use Google Now

For you to get started on this amazing service, you have to access the feature through your lock screen by swiping up towards the Google icon on your screen or by swiping up from any of your keys. You can swipe up from your home key, your back arrow or your recent app’s key. Follow the steps below to get into Google Now.

  1. After you have swiped into the google icon page. Scroll down to the bottom till you find three dots which are the menu button, click on it. This will direct you to Google Now. Tap on Google Now to customize your cards.
  2. Now to customize these cards that give the information, click on “settings” or three dots that represent the menu button and click on settings.
  3. At the lower right side of the screen, click on the menu button, tap on settings and select “Google Now”.
  4. Click on the card you want to customize or edit.
  5. Here, you are to turn the card “on” or “off”.

There you are! You now have this feature setup up and ready. To provide you with information that is displayed in form of cards. All you have to do is click on any of the cards to get the information you need. And in some cases, you get notifications when news and updates come up.

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