Google tasks – How to Create Google Tasks

Google in today’s world is very much like a household name. Personally, I haven’t seen anyone who doesn’t know the name or heard of the name . Many know Google as a mere search engine. If you are a person who makes use of the internet often you will know that Google represents more than that.

Google Tasks - How to Create Google Tasks

Google has a lot of cool features and I am going to be writing about one of these features in this article. The Google feature I am going to be writing on today is the google task feature. Google tasks are one of the many features of Google. Google task is a bonus that always comes free with a account, but you can only get it if you have not switched already. To get this bonus, follow these easy steps;

  1. Locate your mobile browser and launch it
  2. On the search bar navigate to
  3. If you are not logged in, you’ll have to log in. then on the top right corner locate the settings button and click on it
  4. Now select the option that says “try the new Gmail”

This new Gmail allows you to view attachments, snooze an email, watch appointments in your inbox and lots more.

Google tasks also have an that easily lets you sets your tasks on google mail. Google tasks also keep notes, google tasks can also be located on google calendars.

How to Get Access to Google Tasks

  1. On your mobile or PC locate your browser then launch it.
  2. On your browser locate your search bar and navigate to
  3. If you have a Gmail , but if you don’t have to continue to signup
  4. Fill in your name and the rest required respectively and click on the next button
  5. On this page, you’ll require a mobile number, in case you have to fill it in the required field and click on the next button
  6. Wait for at least one minute and you would receive a confirmation code, input this code in the required box and hit the create my account icon

If you followed the above steps correctly, it’s great because you now have access to the new google task feature. What’s left now that you have your account is how to view it.

How to View Google Tasks in Gmail

  1. To be able to view google tasks login to your Gmail account
  2. On your mails page hit the action that says tasks from the drop-down menu
  3. Now your tasks list will be displayed at the bottom left corner of the new window
  4. On this particular page input the task name.
  5. Fill the task details in the details box that will be provided for you, and hit the view due date button

How to Create Google Tasks

  1. First, open the mail you want to create a task for
  2. Hit the more icon and then select the option that says “add to tasks”
  3. Create a name for the task, and you should already have a task on google

You can also make tasks subtask of another task on google task.

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