How to Change Facebook Name After Limit

How to Change Facebook Name After Limit

If you are a Facebook pro user, you must have been aware that changing of Facebook name within 60 days is prohibited in the new Facebook policy. This is because of the high rate of hacking activities that is going on in the community.

You are not allowed to change your Name on Facebook within the 60 days interval but we’ve figure out how Facebook wants you to change your name and we want to share it with you. Please also take your time to share this post. Thanks!!

If you have not been hacked and you wish to change your name to something cool… click here to see how to change name on Facebook easily.

If you’ve been hacked and your Facebook name changed and you want to retrieve your account immediately, then follow my lead.

Changing Your Name On Facebook After Limit or Hack

Using this method, you can only change the name which you have earlier used. To do this follow the below steps :

1. First of all, Click on this link: https://facebook.com/hacked

2. Now it will ask for your password. Simply enter the password of your Facebook profile.

3. After that click on continue. Now it will give you the name which you used earlier. Choose the real name from the list and click next button.

That’s it. You will get a confirmation screen that your name has been changed.

Changing Your Name On Facebook After Limit

See how to:

How To Change Your Name On Facebook After 60 Days Limit

1. Go through your account setting and change the name from the list of your earlier name.

2. Now go to Facebook setting and deactivate your account.

3. In the reason, Select this ” My Account Was Hacked”.

4. Now you will get a option to secure your account and follow the mentioned steps on the following page.




That’s all you’ve got to do to reinstate your default Facebook name. Please Share!!



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