How to read one book per week without dedicating any time to reading

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I now read at least one book a week. I read a lot but i always believed that in order to read one book per week i need to free a lot of time. Being a very busy person i never managed to free the needed time to read a book per week. Until one day i discovered something really interesting.

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You don’t have to free any special time to read a new book. In fact you already have more than enough time but you just never noticed!

I discovered that no matter how busy a person is there are some situations that happen almost every day. That can allow a person to read a lot without dedicating any special time to reading. Let me show you how you can utilize that free time and read 52 books per year without dedicating any specific time to reading.

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The free time you know nothing about

world book

  • 1) Until they arrive: I discovered that most never arrive on time. In fact i get really frustrated when i arrive early to a place because i know that my friends will be late. I discovered that there is at least 20 free minutes available to people who arrive early. And as a result i started to carry a book with me all the time. Each time my friends were late i read 20 or 30 pages. This allowed me to finish some books by just reading during the waiting time!
  • 2) Time between 2 meetings: Previously when i had two meetings or even two outings i used to go home or keep myself busy during the free time in between them. But i discovered that the best way to utilize that time is to keep a book in my car all the time. So that i can use that free zone to read whenever it appears. You will get amazed when you discover how much free time you have each day.

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  • 3) While eating: The time you spend eating is a totally wasted time. If you spend 30 or 40 minutes during lunch then you can actually finish so many pages each day by just reading during lunch.
  • 4) Until you sleep: Got insomnia problems? Then try reading for 15 or 20 minutes right before you fall asleep. I always keep a book beside the bed so that i can easily pick it up and start reading before i go to sleep. Not only will doing so help you read more but it will also help you sleep better
  • 5) Transportation: What do you usually do when you are taking the bus or the subway? Most probably you keep looking at people or glancing through the windows aimlessly. If you taught yourself to read in that time you will discover that you have plenty of free time to finish all the books you want to read.