How to start a new blog : Start your blog now!


The process of owning or starting your own does not necessarily have to be confusing or complicating.  Numbers proof that countless are starting each and every day. It appears almost everyone or has a blog these days.

Regardless of this statistic, people don`t know where to begin, these steps will get first timers underway.

What to blog about

Decide on what to blog about, your blog`s niche will definitely form the most vital part of this exciting journey. Be careful not to write on just about anything or everything. Casual writing will never make your blog achieve the success you would require.

Your blog needs to be worthy of attention and exceptional.

The best way to position your blog up for attention worthy content, is this:

pick a subject that you are passionate about.

If you are not passionate about your topic, you will be fighting an uphill battle. You`ll have a lower chance of success.

Domain name

A bloggers domain name is extremely important, since most of the time it will be the first point of contact that his target audience will.

These names need to be memorable, handy and easy to spell and should give its users a one time impression of its content.

Far more importantly, endeavor to include at least one of your keywords in the domain name. If you`re about guitars, your domain name could be something like

Once settled on the new domain name, the next step is to register  and to grab a hosting package.

Install WordPress

Before now, getting and installing was somewhat of a pain.

You had to configure, upload folders, generate passwords… and so on, these processes took a lot of time

In today`s world, installing WordPress is just a click away.

click here :


Logos are of huge importance, the better they are, they more memorable the brand will be.

Plugins (wordpress)

Plugins are known for making WordPress more powerful.

One needs to be careful as some plugins aren’t coded very well, or  just not compatible with the website theme.


Content is the king when it come to achieving success in this game. By content we mean your write ups, what you intend to or  writing about.

You should studying more on content writing as this can either make or break you.

Its very much vital to write what your readers or target audience wants.

Growing traffic

Once you’ve got good content up in your sleeves, your next step will be building traffic, increasing your site traffic at all cost.

While you can go into all kinds of marketing and advertising tip, virtually everything comes down to ranking and promotion in the search engines.


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