Sites like Facebook – List of Other Sites like Facebook

Sites like Facebook

In the midst of so many privacy scandals and other reasons involving the site, most if not all are actually on the hunt for other suitable social media sites. If you are out there, among this category of people looking for a different medium to connect and interact with fans, , and family, by sharing images, texts, and thoughts, there are actually other Sites like Facebook worth discovering.

Sites like Facebook - List of Other Sites like Facebook

Hunting for these other sites may seem difficult and intimidating, but you can rest assured that you will get there. Whether it is because of protection of , rules and regulation, terms and policies and other reasons for wanting to find other sites, the reasons are so much and more users are going on this hunting day by day.

The market regarding this other similar sites is actually massive. And there are large choices of social platform that just like Facebook. In this article, I will be giving you a brief list of these other sites that could get you on the wave of fun, entertainment, communication, and lots more.

Reasons People Use Other Sites like Facebook

Why do people make use of other sites like facebook? We all make use social media these days. Well, even if not every one of us, but a large number of populations does. But the most popular question people do ask is “why do we use social media?” and that is what we are locked into. What is the major reason for being an active member of Facebook and other Sites like Facebook? Let us look at those reasons;

  1. To keep in touch with fans, friends, family, and so many other users.
  2. To stay up to date on the latest news, trending headlines and other forms of entertainment.
  3. Also, to fill up the leisure and free time.
  4. To promote and network your brand or , your products, and services.
  5. To communicate, interact, and build strong relationships with other users.
  6. And to make research and get new products to purchase.
  7. To share images and videos and so much more.

List of Sites like Facebook

  1. WhatsApp – this site was acquired by Facebook in 2014, but it still has the ability to exist independently. It is an instant messaging platform that gives users the ability to communicate, upload and send images and videos.
  2. Instagram – this is a social network platform mainly for the sharing of videos and Images.
  3. Google plus – an Internet-based social site that enables its users to keep in touch with so many other users by sharing text messages, videos, images, useful links, and so many .
  4. Tumblr – this can be used to search for and follow contents you are interested in. you can also post anything of your choice.
  5. Twitter – post short messages called tweets and these messages can be conveyed to the world.
  6. Skype – this social site allows you to connect and communicate with people through text messaging, voice calls and video calls.
  7. Snapchat – this social site allows you to chat with your friends using images. It also allows you to explore and discover the live stories happening around and all over the globe.
  8. Pinterest – this is a photo sharing a social site that helps you find and discover great ideas and save them using the save button.
  9. Viber – this social media platform is available in over 30 languages, and It is known for instant text messaging and voice messaging. You can also post videos and photos and audio messages.
  10. WeChat – for instant messaging and making or receiving calls, which is similar to that allow you connect to so many other users.

There are so much more, these are just a few.

A lot of people have been in search of ways to connect and communicate with each other. And in this digital age, so many ways have been found on the internet, which is possible with the presence of social Sites like Facebook. Do not miss out on this one.

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