How To Sync Contacts To Facebook On Android

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Let’s dive into the actual tutorial;

Contacts are of great value considering that the mobile phone is always our communication hub. Especially nowadays where virtually everyone around us is now using Facebook, Facebook contacts resort to be so essential to you.

Here comes the the tutorial, I mean the surest means to make your Facebook contact sync. In this post, we will guide with the best approach involved in synchronizing Facebook contacts on apple as well as on your Android devices (Galaxy S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8, S9, Sinfinity).

How to sync Facebook contacts to apple iPhone

If you are an apple iphone user and also want to sync Facebook contacts to apple iphone, you ought to pay even more focus on this part. You could discover a straightforward method making apple iphone contact sync. Furthermore, you could find 3 terrific apps in order to help you sync contacts from Facebook.

Sync Facebook contacts by using Settings

You could utilize apple iphone Setup to sync Facebook contacts with apple iphone. After log in to , you could obtain quickly access to and also synchronize Facebook contacts and also Calendars. Maintain reading the following steps.

Step 1: Unlock your apple iphone and also open Settings app. Scroll to tab.

Step 2: Input your Facebook User Name and also Password. Faucet “Sign in”.

Step 3: Slide Calendars and Contacts to ON.

Step 4: Touch Update All contacts to sync Facebook contacts to apple iphone.

Ways to sync Facebook contacts with Android phone

Wish to sync Facebook contacts with Samsung Galaxy S7/S5, LG G5 or various other Android phones? This component will reveal you ways to sync Facebook contacts to Android phone.

Sync Facebook contacts with Facebook application on Android.

Step 1: Launch Facebook app on your Android phone.

Step 2: Click Menu > Settings > Sync Contacts.

Step 3: Pick Sync all contacts or Sync with existing contacts.

Step 4: Click OK button to earn the Facebook contact sync.

In this article, we mostly speak about how you can sync Facebook contacts. Whether you are using apple iPhone or Android phone, you could locate the best means or app to help you sync Facebook contacts to phone.


Hope you can smoothly make the Facebook contact sync after reading this article.

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