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Verified Twitter Account

As an avid user of Twitter, you should have noticed the blue badge with a blue tick beside some Twitter accounts. This is to notify everyone that such account(s) have been verified.

What is a Verified Twitter Account?

A verified twitter account, is one which has been ratified by Twitter as the legitimate account of a particular user. Every other account with such a name is just a fake or parody as Twitter community usually calls them.

Verified accounts help celebrities and companies avoid loosing followers to parody accounts that post rancid stuff online.

What’s more? This feature is now available to the general public, meaning every individual on twitter can get the blue badge with the tick!

Facebook and Google Plus supports verification of accounts. Instagram joined in on this recently.

How Do I Get Verified?

You can get verified by following these steps:
1. Login to Twitter with the account you want verified.
2. You need to fill out a form, click here for the form
NOTE: You should have a website or online presence affirming your identity.
As soon as you are done, click submit and hold as twitter deliberates on the status of your verification.

If you were not approved, you could re-submit your application in 30days. Although you need to exercise patience, as some criteria best known to Twitter need to be met.

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