How to Unblock Someone on Facebook – All You Need to Know

Do you wish to know how to on facebook? First and predominant, the possibility of unblocking someone isn’t always there. But if you blocked the character or person, you could unblock them. In a situation where you have been blocked by someone, you cannot unblock them until they select to unblock you at their chosen time.

How to Unblock Someone on Facebook - All You Need to Know

If you block someone on your , such a person will not be able to see whatever you post or comment using your particular account, such a person will not also be able to tag you in any post or comment, such a person will not be able to invite you to any page event or group, such a person will not be able to message you or send you a friend request. But if you accidentally blocked the person and do not know how to unblock the person, then read this content to the end.

First of all, I will teach you how to block someone and then how to unblock the same person, the requirement for you to block a person is that both users must have a Facebook account. Now if you have a Facebook account, follow the steps below;

How to Block Someone on Facebook

  1. First, put on your data connection.
  2. Next, locate your mobile browser and launch.
  3. From your web browser navigate to .
  4. Now log in to your Facebook account.
  5. After logging in, click on name downward arrow and select settings.
  6. Click on blocking.
  7. Hit the field where a name will be taken.
  8. Input the person’s name and hit the block option.
  9. Now you will be prompted to block the person when you are prompted click on the block option to block the person.

How to Unblock Someone on Facebook

  1. Connect your device to a secure internet service provider.
  2. Next launch your mobile browser.
  3. Navigate to using your web browser.
  4. Log in to your Facebook account, and click on the arrow pointing downwards from the top navigation.
  5. From the new menu select “settings”.
  6. On the left navigation of the settings page click on “blocking”.
  7. Locate the “blocked users” section.
  8. Click the blue button that says unblock besides the person name to unblock the person
  9. You will be asked to confirm the person you want to unblock.
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