View Facebook Profile as Public

View Profile as Public

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The top ways to view your Facebook Timeline Profile as a public user in order to monitor users who see exactly what and what on your .

In conjunction with the upgrade of Facebook Timeline, Facebook has offered users the ability to release ‘public’ status update.

Without doubt, this function is a nice addition but, you might wish to have the ability to be able to keep track which of your posts on Facebook have been published publicly to ensure that you’ve not revealed certain to the general public that you initially did not envisage.

Interestingly, Facebook in their generosity has provided a simple method to view your Facebook profile as a public user.

Below are steps to take in order to view your Facebook Profile as a Public User;

  • Navigate to your Facebook Profile page.
  • Click the ‘Icon’ beside the Activity Log Link.
  • Click ‘View As…’.
  • The next step is to have a look at the area above your Timeline profile. Click the highlighted word ‘public.’
  • With this, you will now be able to view your whole Facebook Profile as a public user. These includes; status updates, photos, likes etc.
  • Another option, is to type in a friend’s name into the available text box and view your profile the way your profile will appear to that friend.
  • If you notice a large number of your posts are been shown to the general public, you can follow my tutorial on how to restrict view of your posts to certain sets of users.



How to view list of Blocked Users on Facebook

Blocking on Facebook allows you to maintain control over who sees your Facebook posts or sends you messages. If it’s been a while and you’re not completely sure about who you’ve blocked, it’s possible to see who you’ve blocked. Stick around to learn how you can view the list of people you’ve blocked on Facebook.

list of blckd users on fb

Facebook keeps a record of every user you block, enabling you to see at a glance which users cannot contact you in any way when using the social networking platform. Blocked users are not displayed in alphabetically, instead they’re displayed in the order in which you blocked them, that is; from most recent to least.

You’re allowed to take just one action when viewing a list of users you’ve blocked, and that’s unblocking them. You can view the blocked list when accessing Facebook from your computer’s Web browser.

Viewing your list of Blocked Users on Facebook

Below are steps on how to view the list of users on your Facebook blocked list on Mobile and Desktop.

On Mobile Devices

  • Open your Facebook application
  • Click the menu bar on the bottom right corner of your screen (for iPhone). This menu bar is on the top right corner on Android devices
  • Scroll down to find and click Settings. This step is non-existent on Android devices
  • Click Account Settings
  • Scroll down through the options and select Blocking

A new page comes up with a list of users you’ve blocked.

On Desktop

  • Login to by visiting the Facebook website and entering your login details
  • Click the downward facing arrow on the top right corner
  • Select Settings
  • Click Blocking on the left side of the Settings page

Names listed in the “Block users” area, which is in the middle of the page, are persons you’ve blocked.

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