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The messenger is a messenger platform of Yahoo! (an email service) which you can installed on a device.

This messenger has been in existent earlier than other instant messaging platforms or apps. Examples include Facebook messenger, Snapchat, , Talk, etc.

Yahoo messenger was the real deal back in the days.

Yahoo Messenger Features and Attributes

Below are some of the attributes of Yahoo Messenger:

  • Integration with Yahoo Mail – Your yahoo messenger works in concordance with your Yahoo Mail. Meaning you can receive push notifications on your messenger, whenever you receive a mail.
  • Fast – The briskness and promptness of yahoo messenger is second to none.
  • Personalize – You get to change your background image, craft and use your avatars. Transform themes to match your nature amid supplementary settings.
  • Free Calls – You can make free calls which features audio and video. Video call is possible with the aid of an external camcorder or an in-house webcam. This used to be the new cool before the dawn of selfies and front cameras.
  • Retrieve sent messages – The unsend feature can help you avoid an embarrassing moment by taking back what you sent. Cool ain’t?

    Steps to install Yahoo Messenger from Google Play Store

    For you as an android user, the stress-free means of installing yahoo messenger is Google Play Store. With these few steps, you are good to go.

    1. Open Google Play Store , search for ‘Yahoo Messenger’ or visit here
    2. Click on install, allow the app to download and install.
    3. You locate the shortcut on your device after installation and open.
    4.  Login with your yahoo mail details – email id and password.

Revel in the power of yahoo messenger anywhere you are.

You need an existing yahoo id and password to use yahoo messenger, don’t have one? Sign up here

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