YouTube Channel – How to Create a Channel on YouTube

Youtube is a great and amazing web platform to stay updated on videos and movies. The platform has lots of account owners who are willing to keep you connected. You can start with your own youtube channel today and upload nice and awesome videos that you want the world to see.

YouTube Channel - How to Create a Channel on YouTube
YouTube is a great way to show the world your talent. you can make your own movies or videos and post them on youtube for the world at large to see. Now if you want to be a global voice if want the world to see amazing things you can really do then keep on reading this article to the very end. After reading this article here you would have the knowledge of how to create your channel on youtube and update it with lots of contents.

Before you can start with your very own youtube channel you must first get a mail account, to get a mail account is very easy. I will be writing on how you can get a free account.

How to Get a Free Gmail Account

  1. Get a connection secure device.
  2. Next, locate the internet browser of the device and launch it.
  3. Wait for some seconds for the browser to launch, after it is launched navigate to from the search bar.
  4. From this new window click on create an account.
  5. Next fill in your “First name, Last name, Username, Password, and confirm your password” and hit next.
  6. Input your mobile number and click on send ‘verification code’.
  7. Now wait for some time and a verification code would be sent to the mobile number you filled in.
  8. Fill in the code in the required field and finish the process.

If you followed the steps correctly your Gmail account should be ready. The next process is to create a youtube account.

How to Create a YouTube Account

Once you have a all you have to do is to sign in to that account from , follow these steps to continue.

  1. Locate the web browser on your device and launch it.
  2. On the search bar type in this URL
  3. From this page locate sign in button at the top of the site and click it.
  4. Now fill in your Gmail details in the space provided and log in.

Now to create a channel on your new youtube account, follow the steps below;

YouTube Channel – How to Create a Channel on YouTube

  1. On after signing in, you would see a ’round avatar’ with your profile picture at the top, click on it.
  2. From the new menu click on “My channel”.
  3. Now select Use a name or other name.
  4. Fill in the name of your desired brand and click on create.

That’s all you need to do. Now your new YouTube channel should be up and ready.

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